You Have Got a Friend On Us


You’ve got a friend. We believe that we still needs skilled, intelligent, sensitive and brave people to drive forward ideas and to reach the audience.
You still need to say the right words and show the right image to produce a smile or to bring up emotions to people. A message without this attributes will never be effective.
Research has demonstrated that communication is still applying the same rules and principles. They all send messages that we all need to understand to be able to communicate whether it is a magazine, newspaper, tv, brochure or web itself we are forever bound by these rules.

Traditional media

But traditional media and communications can’t exist alone. Fortunately we have the web to maximise the effectiveness of communication as long as we embrace and work together with it, that relationship will always be a positive one. Traditional communication and digital communication should never antagonise each other. We should always embrace that relationship to work in our favour and allow it to delight, challenge and surprise us through a positive engagement.
But we have to remember that even a digital message or a banner ad could never on his own deliver all the mechanisms a brand needs to sell their products. You need a great ideas and understanding of your brand in order to get the right results.

Brand marketing

You can no longer make your brand succeed with marketing or good design alone, you need a solid integration of ideas that connect you with your customer, you need a constant way of communicating with your audience.
If we think about it we realise that brands drive the worlds economy and help our reality to become a bit more colourful and multi choice, bringing up more often than not positive emotions and often greater freedom. However, it can also bring vulnerability and confusion. That’s why building a positive brand will always be an attractive way to make an audience feel that they are part of something relevant. That they are consuming not only a product but an idea that solidify their identity.
That’s why the audience often demands the refreshment and renewal of your brand. They often prefer that the brand evolve and grow as they evolve themselves. They need to be challenged with strong ideas and good design, they need to establish communication. If your brand is able to achieve that you can be sure that you will establish a powerful connection with your audience. You will feel that you are evolving as one entity and your horizon will expand with the audience understanding of the qualities of your brand allowing you to make more sales and expand your market territory.

Communicate and connect

When we conceive design and develop a brand we first concentrate in strong ideas that communicate and connect the brand with an audience. We try to find what this particular brand has in common in certain demography. Then we proceed to challenge everything in order to go deeper into the psychology of communication and understanding. We believe that engaging is the best form of interaction.
But make no mistakes. The customer should always come first. And the brand second. After all, a brand should serve the customer and not the other way round. A brand should give before it receives, and the connection should always be both ways. A brand should always allow the customer to understand before it is accepted.
Sugocity has the facilities to create sophisticated art work in various disciplines to fulfil the demands of your brand. We create illustrations, 3D modelling, graphic design and much more to make sure your brand is presented in a professional manner.


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